October 17, 2017

Building An Effective Board

Boston Marriott Newton 2345 Commonwealth Avenue Auburndale, MA 02466
Program Start: 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Registration Begins 30 minutes prior.

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The NACD New England Chapter and the Massachusetts Business Roundtable are pleased to present a timely discussion on Building an Effective Board. 

Why do some boards stand out and are often recognized for their sustained effectiveness? At the October 17th session you will hear first hand from experienced board members about the process and challenges of making a board effective and outstanding.

Great boards don't just happen--they are crafted over many years. They are led by directors with vision and understanding of not only today's priorities and needs, but also where the organization will be down the road. This often requires skills and talents found in new board members. We will hear from our panelists about how to recognize these needs, when to make the decisions and how to best proceed and achieve a positive outcome.
Topics will include:

  • communication with other board members, management and employees
  • the value of diversity and the risk of its absence
  • relations with investors and other key parties 
  • identifying critical skill and talent needs in the future.

While there is no magic bullet or secret sauce to make a board great, there are lessons that can be learned and applied. Join us for this highly informative and interactive session on the topic of perennial interest to all board members.

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